Adobe Capture: Banana Split Turned Pink And Brown Geometric Pattern

Today I am want to share how unique the iPhone and iPad app called Adobe Capture. It truly is a powerful and fantastic photo editing app. Below is my review on this very cool app!

Canon 60 D

What’s so incredibly easy about this app is you can take any ordinary photo and make it into an intricate pattern within seconds. 

On the left side of the screen, you’re given 5 pattern options.

When you have chosen the pattern design, you are able to use the magnifying slider to enlarge or minimize your picture within the pattern box. This will give you even more options of different looks.

Once you’ve chosen the design pattern, you can further the creative process by rotating your image.

Below is how I created the iPhone case at my Zazzle store.

Pink And Brown Geometric Pattern Case-Mate iPhone Case

If you’re into photo editing on your iPhone or iPad, this is definitely an app that is worth checking out. I am not affiliated with Adobe, I get no compensation for promoting this app. I am purely doing this post to talk about my love of this fantastic photo editing app from one photographer to another.