When Boredom Strikes!



Why is it that I go through days where I find there are not enough hours for me to get things done.

 Then there are other days when boredom strikes out of nowhere. I find that on days where it’s raining; the weather is gloomy, boredom rears its ugly head.



Daphsam Photography

Here are a few of my ideas when boredom strikes you!



I love TV, and there are some great streaming shows on currently that I’d like to share with you.

Amazon Prime

Downton Abbey


Jack Ryan


Durrells In Corfu

Tiny House


Virginia River

Annie with an E

Grace and Frankie

The Crown

Instant hotel- reality



If you’re not into watching television, Audibles.com is an excellent site hooked up with Amazon that you can download a book and listen to it. I have listened to my audiobook doing some activities, such as:

1. Cleaning the house

2. Doing laundry

3. Taking a walk

4. Do some watercolor or drawing

5. Preparing dinner

For The Gamer

I have two iPad apps that I highly recommend.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle, which gives you a chance to pick many different puzzle designs and you can choose the number of pieces you would like to accomplish up to 400 pieces.


Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is a fun family board game that I turned into an iPad app. You can play on your own with computer characters or online with people around the world.

review for Ticket To Ride


Take Up A Hobby

Taking an online class can be a lot of fun. Many are self-pace, very engaging and you can learn many things! I have taken classes at:

  1. Skillshare.com

  2.  Udemy.com

  3. Mybluprint.com


Maybe now is the time to sit down with a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and explore how you are feeling at the moment.


Here are some journal prompts:

 Take a look around your surroundings, when your eyes catch something of interest, start to free write. Don’t think about it. Just begin writing for 5 minutes.

2. Write about a moment you had in the past few days that you would like a “do-over.”

3. Create your wish list of all the things you would like to happen. It’s for your eyes only; have fun with it.

4. Write about someone you admire.

5. Write a letter to the 16-year-old you.

Another way to deal with boredom is to do some meditation. I highly recommend the Insight Timer app this app has many easy ways to take some time for yourself.

Get out and take a walk! Being with nature will bring fresh air to your lungs, clear your head and get you out of your boredom funk.

After in summer

Daphsam Photography

 Turn your boredom around with these helpful tips!









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