Show & Tell: Baby Shower Watercolor Supplies and Party Planning!

Baby showers are so exciting to plan. More and more are finding out the gender ahead of time so they can plan out their future baby furniture, clothing, and baby shower party.

Here are some of my cute Baby watercolors that are also party supplies.


A lot of party themes for a Baby Shower can be: Baby Shower Themes

  1. Tea Party

  2.  Teddy Bear Party

  3. Safari Party Theme

  4. Spa Theme Party

  5. Florist Shop Party

  6. Nautical Theme Party


There are some great Baby Shower cakes online! Here is my link to my Pinterest board on some cake designs! Daphsam Baby Shower Cake Board


final pinkbear


Baby Shower Collection by Daphsam

For Mom’s To Be who needs to be put to bed through their pregnancy or because of the Coronavirus concerns, you can do some fun ideas.

  1. Basket Theme Party were your family and friends ship a basket of gifts to the Mom To Be.

  2. Zoom Call Baby Shower Party, over the weekend have the new Mom have a few Zoom video calls.  Supply cupcakes to all the friends and Mom, so she can have her sweets with her friends and family!  A wonderful Bakery that does fantastic shipping of cupcakesGeorgetown Cupcakes is Georgetown cupcakes.

pink Elephant 65005500


Blue Baby Elephant


I hope you enjoyed my watercolor!  If you have someone who is expecting and needs some ideas for a Baby Shower, please send them over to my site!

Baby Shower Collection by Daphsam



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