Cute Spooky Halloween Short Stories

The Screaming Pumpkin Patch

One Halloween night, these two friendly Ghost went for a walk in an abandoned pumpkin patch. They had finished early with their trick and treating so they decided to find a quiet place to share their candy. As they were wandering around looking for a place to settle, a spider landed on the head of the little Ghost. Well, that was too much for the little Ghost. He began to scream! This only freaked out his friend, who also began to scream! Their screaming echoed into the night frightening others who were nearby. The old abandoned pumpkin patch is known for injecting fear to those who enter it’s patch.

Farewell Broomstick

There once was a witch name Miranda who riding on loved her broom stick during the cold autumn nights. One night as she was getting ready for her ride, she found her broomstick broken in two! Poor Miranda was so brokenhearted she just had to give her broomstick a proper burial. Every night Miranda would take her self to the graveyard and visit her broomsticks burial site. She never knew she was being watched by spooky little friends.

It was Miranda’s cat who went into a jealous rage one evening and had broken her broomstick. For he never liked when she spent so much time with her beloved broomstick. No, Miranda never figured out that it was her cat who had done the deed.

All artwork and story was created by Daphsam

DaphXine’s Art Challenge Desserts Art Challenge~ Week 1 Cookies or Biscuits

My Sister and I have started an art challenge on instagram and here!

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