Birds From Colorado!


This duckling was swimming with his family in a lake in Colorado.

Duck with ducklings

Here is the rest of his family.Bird in feed house

This cute bird was checking me out from his birdhouse!

bird flying copy

Now he has decided to fly right out of his home to get some food!


Wildlife Tuesday~ Backyard Critters

Deer in backyard

A cute baby deer having some bird seeds first thing in the morning.


A Caterpillar hanging out on a leaf.

Gold Finch Feeder

A breakfast club of Gold Finches.


Goldfinch checking out where all the other Goldfinch are.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge~ Little Sparrow On Rope

Cee asked for us to come up with an image from one of her images. So I chose the rope and had the perfect picture for that.


Bird on Rope


This was photographed in Venice, Italy.  This is for Cee’s Foto Challenge

April Photo Of The Day~ Small Gray Bird

small gray


This cute small bird was having a rub down in the birdseed before eating. He was so full of life and enjoying himself on a hot summer day.

This is for both April Photo A Day- Small and April colors And Letters- Ash Gray

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Birds: Barred Owl

BW Barred Owl

This Barred Owl has photographed a few years ago in my backyard. This was a crazy morning, it was April 1st. It was snowing like crazy! My husband and I were in awe with the fact it was snowing in April. As we were watching the snowfall, this Owl was sitting in a tree near our house. I quickly got the camera and captured him.  Thank you to the Barred Owl for waiting for me to get my equipment ready to capture him!


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Birds

Proud American Robin With Winter Berries

Close up photography of an American Robin.
Photography by Daphsam Photography

Wings ready to take flight at a moments notice. Alert to all around him. Watchful and waiting for an unwanted arrival. This is his branch, his discovery.
Cold winter air is not enough to keep others searching. Berries no longer in their beauty, casualties of the new-fallen snow.
He waits on his branch with patience.
Majestic and proud, the American Robin.