Birds From Colorado!


This duckling was swimming with his family in a lake in Colorado.

Duck with ducklings

Here is the rest of his family.Bird in feed house

This cute bird was checking me out from his birdhouse!

bird flying copy

Now he has decided to fly right out of his home to get some food!


Wildlife Tuesday~ Backyard Critters

Deer in backyard

A cute baby deer having some bird seeds first thing in the morning.


A Caterpillar hanging out on a leaf.

Gold Finch Feeder

A breakfast club of Gold Finches.


Goldfinch checking out where all the other Goldfinch are.

Photo A Day Challenge Cloudless Sky

Eagle FRee

Photography by Daphsam

Get lost in the vast blue sky.

Clean, fresh and free.

 Feel that freedom like the Eagle flying through the air.

The vast blue sky pure as a lover’s kiss.

Nothing to fog its beauty.

Let me get lost in the blue sky.

Breathe in the pure blue and cleanse my soul. 

Kissing Camels

Kissing Camels, Colorado



Photography and writing by Daphsam


This is for Photo Of A Day Challenge