Photo A Day~ Exotic Tropical Flowers Photographed at the Naples Botanical Garden

Eoxtic flower


This was photographed in Cayman Islands Botanical Park. It’s called Alpinia Purpurate (Red Ginger)


Aechmea weilbachii

Aechmea weilbachii a tropical flower that can be found in Eastern Brazil.


This is for Photo A Day~ Flowers

Iguana Hanging Out With Acrostic Poem

Blueiganiacopyrightchilling out

Photographed in the Cayman Islands

Acrostic Poem~ On My Own

In the depths of isolation.

Glued to the TV for the latest news.

Usually tired from my inactivity.

Annoyed that every day feels like the same.

No one said this will be easy.

Another day shut away from the world.


Cool Motion Photography From Pixabay

Using the Pixaloop app, I was able to create some fun effects with my photography!

This was photographed in Cayman Islands.

This watercolor was photographed in Naples, Florida Botanical Garden.

Newport, Rhode Island

Le Pain Coffee

Cafe Latte