TikTok Art~ The Latest Rage

So my older kids are always trying to help me with ideas on promoting my art and shops! They told me to take my art to TikTok and create something fast and fun. Well, that is so not easy! It takes me days to create an image with hours of working out the colors, shadowing, highlights etc.  I had to give it a try and see if I could paint on demand.

I thought that doing a loose floral watercolor would be easy. Painting fast, here is my Hyacinths Easter Basket.


Getting into it, I decided to do a dog drawing with a coffee cup!


After spending a few hours creating some TikToks, it was fun! It made my kids happy since they want to show off my art to their friends.



Cool Motion Photography From Pixabay

Using the Pixaloop app, I was able to create some fun effects with my photography!

This was photographed in Cayman Islands.

This watercolor was photographed in Naples, Florida Botanical Garden.

Newport, Rhode Island

Le Pain Coffee

Cafe Latte




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Glasses, Cups & Saucers


Coffee With Truffles And Peruvian Lilies



Strawberry In Wine Glass


Refreshing Ice Tea


Martini Afternoon


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Glasses, Cups, & Saucers

Mugs That Will Brighten Your Morning

Are you one of those people who just looks forward to that first cup of coffee?  I am! I can’t wait to what the beautiful light brown stream of Hazelnut pour into my cup.  The aroma rising up as if a mist from the jungle is finally lifting.  This is the cup of coffee that will kick start you!  Will give you balance to complete your day.  I find that I enjoy not only choose my flavor of the morning, but I enjoy choosing what mug my coffee is going to be in! That’s why I love to decorate mugs with my photography!

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Hot Pink And Purple Dahlia Mug



Cattleya White And Pink Orchids Mug



Dahlia And The Bees Mug



Purple Tropical Pansies Mug



Pink Rhododendrons Mug