Acrylic Fluid Pour Art

This past Fall, I was able to attend an Acrylic fluid Pour workshop. In a short two hours, I learned so much of this fascinating art process. With Acrylic Fluid Pour, you don’t need art experience at all. All you need is the materials and the ability to pour your paint onto a canvas. That’s it! With 2 plastic cups, 3-4 different acrylic paint, a canvas of your choice, and a ton of drop clothes to protect the floor! With a “dirty pour”, which is a mix of acrylic paints in a cup, I turned the cup over on the center of the canvas, I slowly raised the cup and watched the colors melt into each other. Below are some of my “dirty pours”.

Mystery Of Agate

There are many different recipes for an Acrylic Fluid Pour. The one used for this is the following:

Floetrol (latex)- 2 parts

Distilled water- 1 part

Acrylic paint- 1 part

The acrylic paint brand that I used is the Golden GAC 800.

Web Blue And Purple Acrylic Fluid Pour

With this Web Blue and Purple acrylic fluid pour, I used a hairdryer to have the colors separate out and create more cells (webbing effect). It doesn’t always work but I am pleased that it worked out this way.

This design looked very cool on leggings at my Zazzle store. Check it out !

Web Blue And Purple Acrylic Fluid Pour Leggings
Web Blue And Purple Acrylic Fluid Pour Leggings
Depths Of Purple Galaxy Acrylic Fluid Pour

With this purple galaxy, I used a paper plate holder to pour the paint through to the 10 X 10 canvas.

Pink Ice Cream Melt
With every pour you will get a different result. Every art piece is an original piece of art!

I hope you enjoyed some of my art work. If you are interested in looking at more of my art or would like to purchase some of my art. Please check out a few of my sites: