Procreate iPad Food Illustrations

Egg and tomato breakfast bagel. I used one of my own brushes that I made in Procreate. The wood texture is from a photo that I photographed from a tree.
I took a learning how to shade in Procreate course on Udemy and this is one of the assignments that I was to do. Create my own ice cream cone and focus on shading and highlights.
A Unicorn Cupcake. After taking a course on your Demi on 15 easy ways to use painting techniques in Procreate, I was able to create this magical unicorn 3-D cupcake.
Here are my Blueberry Pancakes! Thanks again to a Udemy class on painting, I was able to achieve a realistic pancake picture!

Watercolor Food Illustration

Food illustration has become my passion these days. There is something about spending my time looking at food and trying to capture the exact look of the food or drinks. Here are my latest watercolor of food and drinks!


All of my watercolor is on Arches Cold Press 300 g/m

My watercolor paint that I am using is Windsor and Newton tubes and Sennelier L’Aquarelle Watercolor pan set


Pancakes with blueberries and strawberries. 

lemon meringue

Lemon Meringue Pie


Chocolate Strawberry Cake. I find it hard to get the plate down correctly. I am more comfortable with just the food illustration. I need to continue to work on pushing myself out of my comfort zone with watercoloring the plate.

three real donuts

Chocolate Donuts. I enjoy watercolor that shows a photorealism.


Raccoon in a Lollipop Candy store. 

Salmon rolls183

Salmon sashimi, this is a mix of watercolor and macron pen.


Spaghetti with tomatoe sauce. This was a first for me to draw and watercolor a fork. Again this is a mix for watercolor and macron pen.

Orange Vokha drink

Sunset Vodka Drink with Strawberry. Another challenge for me is getting the ice cubes and glass rim perfect and less sloppy.

All of my watercolor food illustrations are on my Zazzle shops.

Zazzle Daphsamsart daphsam greeting card

FOWC~ A Nice Steak ~ Dinner

For today’s word on FOWC with Fandango it is dinner!

So I decided to use my watercolor and pen drawings to give you a lovely dinner!


Deviled eggs

First, let’s start with some appetizers.  Here are some Deviled Eggs with cucumbers and smoked salmon bites.

steak with potatoes

For the main course, some steak with thyme, roasted potatoes, and broccoli.

choose of desserts

You get a choice of two desserts. The first is a delicious chocolate cupcake and then next is homemade Apple pie!

Enjoy my interpretation of the word dinner. FOWC- Dinner


Watercolor Birthday Cake With Flowers

I’m sharing with you today one of my watercolor food illustrations that I just finished up today. I have a fascination with food illustration and it makes me feel happy while I paint them!

I’m not incredibly Comfortable with painting lose florals but I definitely am getting a knack for it. I love to photograph flowers and yet I find them the most challenging to watercolor

This image will end up going on my stores as birthday cards, if anyone is interested in purchasing , leave a comment below and I will send the link!

Greek Easter Watercolor

Greek Easter is coming up on Sunday, April 19th.  My Greek Easter cards that I sell on my Zazzle and Red Bubble stores.  Mainly my Greek Easter cards featured my photography.  I wanted to take my paintbrush to see if I could watercolor a Greek Easter card!


Greek Easter bread is called Tsoureki. It reminds me of brioche bread with red eggs decorating the center. The red eggs symbol the blood of Christ. The twirl cookies are called Koulourakia. They are like a butter cookie with a hint of vanilla. They go very well with some coffee!


I am especially proud of this watercolor. I am mastering the wet on wet technique in watercolor! The chocolate bunny was not easy but I managed to work on my shadow work.

Both of these watercolors will be up in my Zazzle, Society 6 And Red Bubble shop!