FOWC~ A Nice Steak ~ Dinner

For today’s word on FOWC with Fandango it is dinner!

So I decided to use my watercolor and pen drawings to give you a lovely dinner!


Deviled eggs

First, let’s start with some appetizers.  Here are some Deviled Eggs with cucumbers and smoked salmon bites.

steak with potatoes

For the main course, some steak with thyme, roasted potatoes, and broccoli.

choose of desserts

You get a choice of two desserts. The first is a delicious chocolate cupcake and then next is homemade Apple pie!

Enjoy my interpretation of the word dinner. FOWC- Dinner


A Letter To My Lower Back Pain: With Writing Prompt Words


Dear Lower Back,

Can you just be helpful today and not act up. I have things to do, art to create, blogs to write, dogs to care for. Stop getting so agitated with my every movement. You can be so hard to ignore when you twist me up inside. You will not get the upper hand. I will visualize a cool light blue liquid melting away your nervy attitude.

With much love,

The one you keep controlling


This is for the following word prompts.


Word Of the Day Challenge


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