Floral Friday: The Beauty Of The Iris And Using The Meaning To Find Peace


        Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Courage, And Admiration


The meaning of an Iris is faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration.  Source to meaning of Iris- Proflowers

Which of these words jumps out for you? Don’t think about it, just look at the words and focus on the word that your eyes are drawn to.

                        Mine is courage.

For me, it’s the courage to wake up every morning and deal with the level of lower back pain. That will present itself as I get ready for the day.


                Affirmation With My Word

I have the courage to greet each morning with a relaxed body.


Now you give it a try! See if you can write or say an affirmation with your word.


With the word you have chosen, here are some activities:


  1. Put the word on a post-it note and stick it around the house.

  2. For the artist, create some art with your word and keep it as a screensaver on your iPhone, iPad or laptop!

  3. For the number of letters in the word, journal that many days on how that word is so important to you. eg. Courage has 7 letters so that will be 7 days of journaling.

  4.  Find a podcast or quote that is about that word.

Here are a few of my activities to show you how I used the word.



“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”
― Nora Ephron

Source for quote: Goodreads


If you are interested in more of these activities on ways to find inner peace and happiness, check out well-known Life Coach, Jane Schreiner.  This was one of the activities that she recommends in her workbook,  Happiness Is A Skill. Here is the link to learn more about it. Happiness Is A Skill~ Jane Schreiner


Have a wonderful last day in February!


Happy Pictures And Bright Colors For Your Soul

“To get rid of depression, I swim with dolphins”

Patti Stanger
I drew this with Prisma color pencils on Bristol Paper.

When anxiety or depression takes hold of you. Find whatever it is that will pull you from the depths of those thoughts. Run, walk, draw, cook, hug your pet, your loved one. You are worth the time to find out what will work for you.

In a news article by Nicole Spector, “Smiling can trick your brain into happiness — and boost your health”. To read more, here is the link. https://www.nbcnews.com/better/health/smiling-can-trick-your-brain-happiness-boost-your-health-ncna822591

Smiling feels so much better than frowning. Do what it takes to get that smile on your face. And if you begin to laugh, even better!

Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen.

– Pablo Picasso
My watercolor Teddy Bear With Heart Balloons.

Smiling can help:

  1. Relaxes the body
  2. Improves your mood
  3. Strengthen you immune system
My Color Pencil Drawing of Pastel Macaroons.

Bright, warm colors help with lifting your mood! They bring out feels of joy and happiness. That’s why I use bright colors in my art. They make me feel relaxed and optimistic!

The whole point is to live life and be- to use all the colors in the crayon box.


I hope that some of my images and colors have brightened a little bit of your day!