The Joy Of A Clownfish

smaller clown fish

We have had our Clownfish for almost 3 years. There is something so peaceful and relaxing watching our Clownfish swimming around the coral.  So at ease in her tank, with not a care in the world. A totally happy fish that makes the person watching her happy!

             Clownfish And Anemones. 



Clownfish and anemones have a very important relationship. The anemone gives home and protection for the Clownfish from other predatorial fish.  The Clownfish cleans the anemones and brings food to it.

Facts About Clownfish



With my love of photography, I have been able to capture some photos of our Clownfish.

Happy Birthday Clownfish

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Clownfish In Anemone Throw PillowClownfish In Anemone Throw Pillow

Photographed with my iPhone X. No filter. This was taken from my saltwater tank. This is a female who loves to hang out in her Anemone. It took about 6 months for her and her mate to host with the Anemone.


As you wrap up this week, keep this thought close to you.


keep on swimming copy

Throwback Thursday: My Still Life Photography

I grew up taking pictures and spent many hours in the dark room. It was about 10 years ago when I really got into Photoshop. With the internet making it so easy to take online classes, I was able to learn the ins and out of Photoshop. Here are some of my images that I am most proud of.

” A Night At The Stock Club”
“Face Off”
” Romantic Evening”
“Sharp Shadows”

Photoshop gives the photographer some many ways of getting a punch of color. With the many ways of intensifying the contrast to make the picture more dramatic. Photoshop is a photographer’s dream!