Reflect Poem~ Dahlia and Zen Rocks


dahlia with stonescopyright

Reflect just don’t get lost in the ripples.

Reflect and focus on the beauty, not the darkness.

Reflect but realize it will not change the past.

Reflect with an open mind.

Reflect while staying present.

Reflect on the future and dare to dream.




Saturday Gratitude Activity!



It’s hard to always sit down and write out all the things you are grateful for. There is always something to do much more important. So I decided to come up with this Gratitude Activity.

dahlia with zencopyright


Take the day of the week and use that day to come up with what you are grateful for. It can just be words or full sentences. It is all up to you!

For example Saturday

Smiles from my kids

Apple pie

Taking a walk with my dogs

Under Armour fleece pants

Reading my page a day calendar

Dogs that have been and are currently in my life

Art that I create daily

Yams with corn and feta cheese


This is a fun challenge that you can do every day or as much as you can. At the end of the day, good or bad, remind yourself of the things, people, activities that you are grateful for.  It will only help.







Monday Motivation: Don’t Lose Your Head~ Star Wars Lego

Don't Lose Your Head

“Don’t lose your head over the small stuff.

It’s just stuff.

Your health and mental well being

are much more important.”

~ Daphsam Photography And Art


Happy March 1st! From Sadie, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


New month, new opportunities

Let them unfold, at their own pace

Take your time in everything you do

Along the way, embrace the beauty around you



Image is of my 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sadie.

When Faced With Hope And Fear

copyright blog

Photography and editing by Daphsam


Hope peaks out like a sun behind a total eclipse. 

Paint the sky with my dreams, let my thoughts manifest my desires.

Reflect on my emotions.

Excitement and anticipation come as I think of the possibilities.


With reflection come the snaking fear of doubt.

The snake curls around my roots,

Threatening to suffocate me.


Look ahead, take in the surrounds.

Sway right, sway left.

Feel the loosening of the snake.


Softly,  shake off the fear.

A bright glow of golden rays blooms in my trunk.

Move my gaze past the darkness to the bright horizon.


A vibrating sensation moves through my branches.

My branches may take a beating but my roots, my core 

will stay strong.

Whatever comes my way, 

I am the tree of life.