April Landscape Photo(s) A Day Challenge~ Amalfi Coast

colorful Amalif Coast




For today’s April Landscape Photos A Day Challange, I am to pick colorful landscape photos. Well, my thoughts went to Positano, Italy! My most colorful landscape dreamy photos!  Enjoy! April Landscape Photos Challenge

April Landscape Photo Challenge~ Bridges

3700boat passing by

Photographed in Venice, Italy from a motorboat!


bridge in Burano

This bridge was empty for the moment but minutes before it was really busy!

This is for April Landscape Photo(s) A Day Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge~ Little Sparrow On Rope

Cee asked for us to come up with an image from one of her images. So I chose the rope and had the perfect picture for that.


Bird on Rope


This was photographed in Venice, Italy.  This is for Cee’s Foto Challenge

Motivational Monday Quote Favorite Place~ Mental Break

favorite place

My favorite place in the whole world is Positano, Italy. This is a picture from inside my hotel room in Positano. When things get rough, I close my eyes and take a mental vacation. I lay down on my heating pad, listen to one of the “insight timer” music or guided meditations.

I work on making my meditation area as peaceful as possible.  Sometimes I spray the room with a Lavender spray or coconut room spray. I know Amazon has wonderful options.  I also use an eye mask to make sure that it’s very dark to help me relax even farther.

Also, I use other images from my Pinterest board that I have collected that make me feel very relaxed before going into mediation.

To check out my board~ Pinterest – Peaceful Images

Here are a few of my own photographic images that I hope can create a mental vacation break for you.

View from my hotel in Positano, Italy
Cayman Islands

So as we approach another week of “Stay Safe and Stay Inside”, use images and videos to help you mentally escape and have a little vacation.

Favorite YouTube Relaxing Escape Videos!

Another fun way to relax and get away at home is to use youtube videos that are peaceful and relaxing.

This is my own youtube video of Venice, Italy.

Show & Tell Venice, Italy Photo Gifts

I had a wonderful chance to visit Venice, Italy years ago. I took a lot of photos of the iconic city and put many on products that I would like to show below.

In A Blur Woman Of Mystery Venetian Mask Postcard

In A Blur Woman Of Mystery Venetian Mask Postcard

Sightseeing By Gondola Venice Italy Classic Round Sticker


Sightseeing By Gondola Venice Italy Classic Round Sticker

Venice From Above Playing cards

Venice From Above Playing cards

Venice Italy Photo Text Mug

Venice Italy Photo Text Mug

Venice, Italy Gondolas And Sailboat Poster

Venice, Italy Gondolas And Sailboat PosterVenice, Italy Pink Sunset Tissue Paper

Venice, Italy Pink Sunset Tissue Paper

Venice Italy At Sunset Photography Magnet


Venice Italy At Sunset Magnet


Venice, Italy Grand Canal Stone Coaster

Venice, Italy Grand Canal Stone Coaster






The Little Rowboat

CRboat on rocks copy

Photography in Amalfi Coast outside of the Grotta dello Smeraldo

Alone and forgotten. For how long, I do not know. The crystal blue waters beating against my sides before continuing on to crash against the rocky mountain.

Where did everyone go?

Have I truly been abandoned?

For many years, the waters around me were bustling with fishermen, sailors, and tourists. My livelihood was taking daily rides into the Emerald Cave. The dark, damp cave holds awe and wonders for all. The echos of excitement on seeing the green light inside the cave are now a distant memory. An eery quiet blankets me and the ocean.

My days are passing with riding out the waves that come my way. The world has fallen silent. Will eager faces of tourists ride my boat again?

Is this the new normal?

So I wait, side by side with my rocky mountain and waves jostling me. When my people are ready to come back to me. I will be here, a quiet sentinel watching over my cave.





Show And Tell Wednesday: Positano, Italy Products

A few years ago, my family and I went on a beautiful trip to Positano, Italy. It was the most relaxing and visually entertaining vacation. The bright, bold colors of the Positano. The warm saltwater breeze kissing our face from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Happy sounds of tourists and villagers enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of Positano.

This is my happy place. On days where I need to escape, I am transported back to the hotel balcony.

My eyes feasting on the view of the small fishing town in the Amalfi Coast. I am thrilled that the photographer in my captured the beauty of Positano.
Below are a few of my Positano, Italy trip. With my pictures, I have a few of my products that are selling with these images. They are my top sellers and ones that I am most proud of.

Positano, Italy Shower Curtain

Positano, Italy Shower Curtain

View Of Positano, Italy Jigsaw Puzzle

View Of Positano, Italy Jigsaw Puzzle

Positano, Italy Sunset Postcard

Positano, Italy Sunset Postcard

View Of Positano, Italy Decoupage Tissue Paper or gift paper!

View Of Positano, Italy Decoupage Tissue Paper

I have many more products featuring these photos and more! Check out my Zazzle shop at CameraWillTravel

Enjoy your day!