The Little Rowboat

CRboat on rocks copy

Photography in Amalfi Coast outside of the Grotta dello Smeraldo

Alone and forgotten. For how long, I do not know. The crystal blue waters beating against my sides before continuing on to crash against the rocky mountain.

Where did everyone go?

Have I truly been abandoned?

For many years, the waters around me were bustling with fishermen, sailors, and tourists. My livelihood was taking daily rides into the Emerald Cave. The dark, damp cave holds awe and wonders for all. The echos of excitement on seeing the green light inside the cave are now a distant memory. An eery quiet blankets me and the ocean.

My days are passing with riding out the waves that come my way. The world has fallen silent. Will eager faces of tourists ride my boat again?

Is this the new normal?

So I wait, side by side with my rocky mountain and waves jostling me. When my people are ready to come back to me. I will be here, a quiet sentinel watching over my cave.





Saturday Gratitude Activity!



It’s hard to always sit down and write out all the things you are grateful for. There is always something to do much more important. So I decided to come up with this Gratitude Activity.

dahlia with zencopyright


Take the day of the week and use that day to come up with what you are grateful for. It can just be words or full sentences. It is all up to you!

For example Saturday

Smiles from my kids

Apple pie

Taking a walk with my dogs

Under Armour fleece pants

Reading my page a day calendar

Dogs that have been and are currently in my life

Art that I create daily

Yams with corn and feta cheese


This is a fun challenge that you can do every day or as much as you can. At the end of the day, good or bad, remind yourself of the things, people, activities that you are grateful for.  It will only help.







March Writing Prompts~ March 6 ~ The Truth Often Hurts

The Truth Often Hurts


lightening bolt

Daphsam Photography

It can be said that knowing every person’s truth is a good thing.

Yet, finding out the truth can hurt in ways you were not prepared for.

Like a bolt of lightning that strikes you in your tracks. 

Truth is supposed to be relieving, not painful. When the truth is spoken, are you ready for the darkness of the truth to come into the light? 

Did it bring you all the peace and comfort you were looking for?

At what cost to you were your questions answered?

Truth, with just a few spoken words, they can change your world.

The question is, how badly were you hurt?



This is for Putting My Feels Into Words March Writing Prompt

When Boredom Strikes!



Why is it that I go through days where I find there are not enough hours for me to get things done.

 Then there are other days when boredom strikes out of nowhere. I find that on days where it’s raining; the weather is gloomy, boredom rears its ugly head.



Daphsam Photography

Here are a few of my ideas when boredom strikes you!



I love TV, and there are some great streaming shows on currently that I’d like to share with you.

Amazon Prime

Downton Abbey


Jack Ryan


Durrells In Corfu

Tiny House


Virginia River

Annie with an E

Grace and Frankie

The Crown

Instant hotel- reality



If you’re not into watching television, is an excellent site hooked up with Amazon that you can download a book and listen to it. I have listened to my audiobook doing some activities, such as:

1. Cleaning the house

2. Doing laundry

3. Taking a walk

4. Do some watercolor or drawing

5. Preparing dinner

For The Gamer

I have two iPad apps that I highly recommend.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle, which gives you a chance to pick many different puzzle designs and you can choose the number of pieces you would like to accomplish up to 400 pieces.


Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is a fun family board game that I turned into an iPad app. You can play on your own with computer characters or online with people around the world.

review for Ticket To Ride


Take Up A Hobby

Taking an online class can be a lot of fun. Many are self-pace, very engaging and you can learn many things! I have taken classes at:





Maybe now is the time to sit down with a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and explore how you are feeling at the moment.


Here are some journal prompts:

 Take a look around your surroundings, when your eyes catch something of interest, start to free write. Don’t think about it. Just begin writing for 5 minutes.

2. Write about a moment you had in the past few days that you would like a “do-over.”

3. Create your wish list of all the things you would like to happen. It’s for your eyes only; have fun with it.

4. Write about someone you admire.

5. Write a letter to the 16-year-old you.

Another way to deal with boredom is to do some meditation. I highly recommend the Insight Timer app this app has many easy ways to take some time for yourself.

Get out and take a walk! Being with nature will bring fresh air to your lungs, clear your head and get you out of your boredom funk.

After in summer

Daphsam Photography

 Turn your boredom around with these helpful tips!









Floral Friday: The Beauty Of The Iris And Using The Meaning To Find Peace


        Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Courage, And Admiration


The meaning of an Iris is faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration.  Source to meaning of Iris- Proflowers

Which of these words jumps out for you? Don’t think about it, just look at the words and focus on the word that your eyes are drawn to.

                        Mine is courage.

For me, it’s the courage to wake up every morning and deal with the level of lower back pain. That will present itself as I get ready for the day.


                Affirmation With My Word

I have the courage to greet each morning with a relaxed body.


Now you give it a try! See if you can write or say an affirmation with your word.


With the word you have chosen, here are some activities:


  1. Put the word on a post-it note and stick it around the house.

  2. For the artist, create some art with your word and keep it as a screensaver on your iPhone, iPad or laptop!

  3. For the number of letters in the word, journal that many days on how that word is so important to you. eg. Courage has 7 letters so that will be 7 days of journaling.

  4.  Find a podcast or quote that is about that word.

Here are a few of my activities to show you how I used the word.



“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”
― Nora Ephron

Source for quote: Goodreads


If you are interested in more of these activities on ways to find inner peace and happiness, check out well-known Life Coach, Jane Schreiner.  This was one of the activities that she recommends in her workbook,  Happiness Is A Skill. Here is the link to learn more about it. Happiness Is A Skill~ Jane Schreiner


Have a wonderful last day in February!


Loose Floral Watercolor as announcements!

It’s so exciting to move into a new home. It’s a busy time too for sure with many moving parts.  With packing boxes, calling movers, making all the arrangements that by the time you have moved into the new apartment or house, you just want to be done with it all.

This is where Moving Announcement postcards are a great way to tell your friends and family that you have a new address! Below are a few of my moving announcement postcards that will give you a fun and creative way to spread the news!

With all of my Moving Announcement postcards you can easily change the text to fit your needs! All my postcards come in different sizes, with or without an envelopes, custom to your liking.

Floral Moving Announcements:

I’ve Moved Watercolor Roses

I've Moved Watercolor Roses Announcement

I’ve Moved Change Of Address Floral Peonies Announcement Postcard


I've Moved Change Of Address Floral Peonies Announcement Postcard


Watercolor Pink & Blue Hydrangeas I’ve Moved Invitation

Watercolor Pink & Blue Hydrangeas I've Moved Invitation

All of my watercolor, I have learned from a variety of youtube- watercolor loose florals tutorials, also I have learned from a fantastic website called Skillshare that has a ton of online courses on the arts, writing, video, freelancing and so much more!

If you are interested in checking this site out, use this code: for 2 free months of Premium.

Watercolor Floral New Address Moving Announcement Postcard

Watercolor Floral New Address Moving Announcement Postcard

Peonies Watercolor New Address Announcement Postcard

Peonies Watercolor New Address Announcement Postcard

Watercolor Roses Moving Announcement

Watercolor Roses Moving Announcement

All of these watercolors were painted on Arches Cold Press Paper, 100% cotton, 140LB. I find that the Arches is the best, high quality paper that is great for layering colors, water control and keeps the colors looking fresh and bright.

I use a scanner to transfer the watercolor into the computer and with Photoshop, I clean up the watercolor, brighten the colors.

Watercolor Tropical Monstera Leaves New Address Announcement

Watercolor Tropical Monstera Leaves New Address Announcement

We’ve Moved! Tropical Floral Frame Announcement Postcard

We've Moved! Tropical Floral Frame Announcement Postcard

Watercolor We Have Moved Flamingo Address Announcement Postcard

Watercolor We Have Moved Flamingo Address Announcement Postcard

Some of the watercolor brands that I use are Winsor and Newton Professional watercolor, Holbein Artists Watercolor and Sennelier. My favorite are the Winsor and Newton as their colors are more thicker and I have better water control with them. the Sennelier are more transparent and need I have a harder time building the colors up.


We’ve Moved Watercolor Chrysanthemums

We've Moved Watercolor Chrysanthemums

Whimsical Bird With Pastel Leaves I’ve Moved Announcement Postcard

Whimsical Bird With Pastel Leaves I've Moved Announcement Postcard

We’ve Moved Purple And Blue Watercolor Hydrangeas Announcement Postcard

We've Moved Purple And Blue Watercolor Hydrangeas Announcement Postcard

Peonies And Roses Watercolor Moving Announcement

Peonies And Roses Watercolor Moving Announcement

All the flowers that I have painted here are from references that are either my own photography or from websites like or

I hope that you like some of the watercolor work that I have showed case here. All the of the pictures can be transfer to other products at So if you have no need of a moving announcement cards, through Zazzle, you can transfer the image to the many other products on!


Please follow me at Daphsam’s Instagram for more of my art work!


Check out my for all kinds of greeting cards, postcards, invitations and more!