Motivational Monday Quote Favorite Place~ Mental Break

favorite place

My favorite place in the whole world is Positano, Italy. This is a picture from inside my hotel room in Positano. When things get rough, I close my eyes and take a mental vacation. I lay down on my heating pad, listen to one of the “insight timer” music or guided meditations.

I work on making my meditation area as peaceful as possible.  Sometimes I spray the room with a Lavender spray or coconut room spray. I know Amazon has wonderful options.  I also use an eye mask to make sure that it’s very dark to help me relax even farther.

Also, I use other images from my Pinterest board that I have collected that make me feel very relaxed before going into mediation.

To check out my board~ Pinterest – Peaceful Images

Here are a few of my own photographic images that I hope can create a mental vacation break for you.

View from my hotel in Positano, Italy
Cayman Islands

So as we approach another week of “Stay Safe and Stay Inside”, use images and videos to help you mentally escape and have a little vacation.

Favorite YouTube Relaxing Escape Videos!

Another fun way to relax and get away at home is to use youtube videos that are peaceful and relaxing.

This is my own youtube video of Venice, Italy.

Calm With Zen-Rocks Meditational Breathing Chant ~ RDP Saturday

Zenwith rocks

You can do this either lying down, sitting up or standing up. You can close your eyes or keep them open. Do what is comfortable for you.


Inhale to a count of 5

Exhale to a count of 7

Feel the lavender calm, swirling around your body.

Inhale to a count of 5

Exhale to a count of 7

Feel the negative energy leaving your body as you exhale.

Inhale to a count of 5

Exhale to a count of 7

Feel the lavender calm energize your body leaving a vibration of positive energy.

I am calm, I am at peace, all will be well.