On The Hunt For Joy challenge~ “Create abundance out of ordinary things”


Coffee beans that fuel our mornings.



Red eggs for Greek Easter that symbolize the blood of Christ.



Sweet Strawberries that are a welcoming sight in the morning with my cereal.

This is for Cee’s On The Hunt For Joy

“Create abundance out of ordinary things”

Color-Code ~ Soap Bars For All



Soaps, soaps, glorious soaps, take your pick from your favorite color.

Let the fragrance overwhelm your senses and spend more time washing your hands with lovely SOAP!

This is for On the Hunt for Joy

Cee’s On The Hunt For Joy: “Put Your Collections on Display”~ Movies And Art


I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan and have collected photos, books and postcards through the years.





Drawing books are part of my art book collection.


Of course my watercolor and pen drawings are another collection that I have!

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Cee Photography On The Hunt For Joy: Collectables

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge~ Cee’s Photo Challenge

I have a few items in my home that give me great joy.  Each item has a very special connection to me.

My Santa Claus needlepoint that took me around 6 years to complete. I keep him out all year to remind me to keep working at things!

This floral needlepoint was done when I was in High school. I would sit outside my classrooms working on this needlepoint.

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