Greek Easter Watercolor

Greek Easter is coming up on Sunday, April 19th.  My Greek Easter cards that I sell on my Zazzle and Red Bubble stores.  Mainly my Greek Easter cards featured my photography.  I wanted to take my paintbrush to see if I could watercolor a Greek Easter card!


Greek Easter bread is called Tsoureki. It reminds me of brioche bread with red eggs decorating the center. The red eggs symbol the blood of Christ. The twirl cookies are called Koulourakia. They are like a butter cookie with a hint of vanilla. They go very well with some coffee!


I am especially proud of this watercolor. I am mastering the wet on wet technique in watercolor! The chocolate bunny was not easy but I managed to work on my shadow work.

Both of these watercolors will be up in my Zazzle, Society 6 And Red Bubble shop!