A Place To Meditate Watercolor & Pen Drawing

   A Place To Meditate


Imagine what it would feel like to walk barefoot on these warm wooden planks. The earthy colors greeting your eyes creating an awareness of inner balance. From above the crystal blue sky shines brightly down on you. A warm tropical breeze brushes your skin like a feathery touch.

Your eyes drift down to the zen candles. You take a deep breath from within. Your senses are treated with warm sweet vanilla. The trickling water drops from the bamboo faucet lull you into a tranquil state. Lotus flower floating in the water leaving a trail of sparkles diamonds in its wake.

All is well. You are relaxed. You are safe in this place to meditate.



Watercolor and pen drawing by Daphsam

Watercolor And Ink

I love to explore the combination of watercolor and ink. I have used in the past a Macron pen for my illustrations. The Pigma Fine Macron .005 is my favorite and was used to create the following pictures.

Hound Romantic Evening

The watercolor brands that I mainly use is a mix of Winsor and Newton and Sennelier L’Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint, Metal Pan Set.

Christmas Evening
Scooter Delivering Flowers
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