April Landscape Photo(s) A Day Challenge~ Amalfi Coast

colorful Amalif Coast




For today’s April Landscape Photos A Day Challange, I am to pick colorful landscape photos. Well, my thoughts went to Positano, Italy! My most colorful landscape dreamy photos!  Enjoy! April Landscape Photos Challenge

Photo A Day Challenge Cloudless Sky

Eagle FRee

Photography by Daphsam

Get lost in the vast blue sky.

Clean, fresh and free.

 Feel that freedom like the Eagle flying through the air.

The vast blue sky pure as a lover’s kiss.

Nothing to fog its beauty.

Let me get lost in the blue sky.

Breathe in the pure blue and cleanse my soul. 

Kissing Camels

Kissing Camels, Colorado



Photography and writing by Daphsam


This is for Photo Of A Day Challenge