Happy Mother’s Day With Black Cap Chickadee

mothersday chickadee copyright

You are the rock that we all lean on.

The flower that brings beauty into our life.

You are the sand that flows and molds to

whatever challenges that present each day.


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Countless Branches Haiku

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Countless Branches

Maze Of Braches

Countless Branches

Twisting here and there,

Countless branches intersecting,

We are all connected.


Iguana Hanging Out With Acrostic Poem

Blueiganiacopyrightchilling out

Photographed in the Cayman Islands

Acrostic Poem~ On My Own

In the depths of isolation.

Glued to the TV for the latest news.

Usually tired from my inactivity.

Annoyed that every day feels like the same.

No one said this will be easy.

Another day shut away from the world.


Floral Friday FF #9 ~ Simply Elegant Calla Lily

yellow calla lilycopyright

She stands with elegance and grace.

No frills or fuss.

A flowing wave of quiet brilliant yellow.

Standing tall with independence we all crave.

This is for Floral Friday Floral Friday FF #9

When Faced With Hope And Fear

copyright blog

Photography and editing by Daphsam


Hope peaks out like a sun behind a total eclipse. 

Paint the sky with my dreams, let my thoughts manifest my desires.

Reflect on my emotions.

Excitement and anticipation come as I think of the possibilities.


With reflection come the snaking fear of doubt.

The snake curls around my roots,

Threatening to suffocate me.


Look ahead, take in the surrounds.

Sway right, sway left.

Feel the loosening of the snake.


Softly,  shake off the fear.

A bright glow of golden rays blooms in my trunk.

Move my gaze past the darkness to the bright horizon.


A vibrating sensation moves through my branches.

My branches may take a beating but my roots, my core 

will stay strong.

Whatever comes my way, 

I am the tree of life.