April Landscape Photo Challenge~ Bridges

3700boat passing by

Photographed in Venice, Italy from a motorboat!


bridge in Burano

This bridge was empty for the moment but minutes before it was really busy!

This is for April Landscape Photo(s) A Day Challenge

Thursday Doors~ Venice, Italy

For today’s Thursday Doors, we take a trip to Venice, Italy. Doors are so symbolic, open a door to a future, close a door to a past. Sometimes there is something behind the door that we are hiding.  Currently having a door closed to the outside world will protect you from the Coronavirus.

In Venice, Italy, the doors open to a world of historic beauty.  Enjoy these doors from Venice and let your imagination run with what is behind these doors.

court door



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge~ Little Sparrow On Rope

Cee asked for us to come up with an image from one of her images. So I chose the rope and had the perfect picture for that.


Bird on Rope


This was photographed in Venice, Italy.  This is for Cee’s Foto Challenge