Island- Word Of The Day Challenge

Palmtrees sunset

Watercolor by Daphsam

Palm trees swaying in the sunset evening on the little island of Forget-me-not. The cool sand dances between my toes, as I walk towards the ocean. The ocean waves lull my heart into a peaceful beat.  On the island of Forget me not, I spend my days relaxing and watching the simplicity of the palm trees just be.

My thoughts of a busy, crazy life are not allowed here. The island is reminding me, to just be. Take the simplicity of ocean waves, sandy beaches, palm trees, colorful skies and soak it in. On the island, life is taken day by day, minute by minute.  Go to the island to quiet your mind. Let yourself get lost into the moment. Look down at your toes and see the sand covering your feet. You are here, in the now.

Don’t forget about the island of Forget-me-not.



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RDP Friday- Empty




Empty is the promise that is not kept.

Empty is the words that are spoken with little care to follow through.

Empty is what will be left after the fire you have set to everything.

Empty is what I will feel in my heart if you don’t change.


RDP Friday – Empty

A Letter To My Lower Back Pain: With Writing Prompt Words


Dear Lower Back,

Can you just be helpful today and not act up. I have things to do, art to create, blogs to write, dogs to care for. Stop getting so agitated with my every movement. You can be so hard to ignore when you twist me up inside. You will not get the upper hand. I will visualize a cool light blue liquid melting away your nervy attitude.

With much love,

The one you keep controlling


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March Writing Prompts~ March 6 ~ The Truth Often Hurts

The Truth Often Hurts


lightening bolt

Daphsam Photography

It can be said that knowing every person’s truth is a good thing.

Yet, finding out the truth can hurt in ways you were not prepared for.

Like a bolt of lightning that strikes you in your tracks. 

Truth is supposed to be relieving, not painful. When the truth is spoken, are you ready for the darkness of the truth to come into the light? 

Did it bring you all the peace and comfort you were looking for?

At what cost to you were your questions answered?

Truth, with just a few spoken words, they can change your world.

The question is, how badly were you hurt?



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